Company Brand


Created by nail techs for nail techs, for over twenty years EzFlow® has been an industry innovator.

The first to manufacture and distribute the French White Tip and the first to develop and market Glitter and Colored Acrylics, EzFlow® is known worldwide as a competition brand, pushing the envelope of technology and research. EzFlow® is committed to global education and professional development. Our products offer you the foundation for artistic expression and business success.

Our Products include: Acrylic Nail Systems, Professional / Starter Kits, Liquids/ Powders, Nail prep / Primer, Colored Acrylics, Glitter Acrylics, Glitters, UV Gels, Wraps, Specialty Top Coats, Nail tips, Pro Files /Buffers, Brushes, Natural / Cuticle Care, Lotions, and Accessories