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5 Second Nail

5 Second Nail Cosmetics provides professional salon-quality products directly to the consumer for easy, at-home use.

Found in nearly every salon and beauty supply store, 5 Second Original Salon Nail Glue is nail glue, for both natural and artificial nails, in the professional beauty industry. Other nail glue formulas followed the success of the Original.

No Clog “glue in a bottle” is enhanced with jojoba oil and a unique design to prevent clogging of the dropper. Brush On glue came next and, finally, a Pink formulation of our Salon Nail Glue to match the natural color of the nail bed. The 5 Second Nail Cosmetics collection has grown into a complete nail care system for both natural and artificial nails, and includes nail care tools and treatments.
Beautiful nails in just 5 Seconds.