March 2016


You’ve polished your nails, you’ve buffed your nails, you’ve maybe even wrapped your nails, but have you sprayed your nails? China Glaze®, the leader in colour nail lacquer, takes “painting your nails” literally with its new Coloured Nail Spray. Launching April 2016 in four limited edition shades, this nail colour applies like spray paint so you can unleash your inner Banksy and tag your nail canvas like a graffiti artist.

Create your China Glaze® Coloured Nail Spray masterpiece in four easy steps:

EverGlaze® Features:

    Apply China Glaze® Strong Adhesion Base Coat on a clean nail and let dry completely. Be careful to avoid the cuticles – where base coat sticks, colour stays!
    Spray two light layers of China Glaze® Coloured Nail Spray on all nails. Allow to dry completely between coats.
  • SEAL
    Apply China Glaze® Fast Forward Top Coat and allow to dry. Again, be careful to avoid the cuticles – this step seals on the Coloured Nail Spray.
  • SUDS
    Wash hands with soap and water. Coloured Nail Spray stays on your nails, not on your hands!