February 2016


Los Angeles (February 2016) –With more than two centuries of grooming experience under its belt, Clubman® has garnered something of a cult following. Generations of men have chosen Clubman® because, in a sea of gimmicks and trends, the products displaying the signature green label have remained true to their roots. Clubman® has ridden the waves of men’s grooming through the decades, arriving on the shore of good taste and timeless style. Long live the dapper gentleman.

In 2016, Clubman® returns to its heritage to bring you four new, finely crafted shaving products in classic barbershop style. The new generation of shave products caters to the professional groomer and all men who love simple, quality products that do what they say. The new shaving products are gluten free, phthalate free and paraben free.

  • Clubman® Classic Barber Shave Cream: For men who prefer the traditional straight razor shave, Classic Barber Shave Cream offers professional shave lather without the machine. Special lubricants protect skin for the smoothest, closest shave imaginable. Skin is left soft and hydrated with a trace of the classic Clubman® fragrance. SRP $9.99
  • Clubman® Shave Oil: European style shaving with Shave Oil increases glide for a smoother shave. Use alone for a light beard or, for thicker beards, under Clubman® Shave Lather to reduce friction and prevent nicks and bumps. SRP $9.99
  • Clubman® Shave Soap: If you are a mug and brush man, indulge in the rich lather of the new Shave Soap. A traditional application meets 21st century technology; the incredible staying power produces longer lasting suds. SRP $9.99
  • Clubman® Shave Lather: Foams like a light and airy aerosol shave cream from a can. The rich cream actually expands when it comes in contact with air, lifting whiskers to the optimal position for the closest, most comfortable shave. $15.99

Clubman® Classic Barber Shave Cream, Shave lather, Shave Oil and Shave Soap will be available at Rite Aid stores nationwide March 2016.

About Clubman Pinaud®
To say that Clubman® has staying power is an understatement. Clubman® has been synonymous with quality grooming since its foundation in the early 1800’s. With over 200 years grooming experience, Clubman® is a trusted brand. We strive to give men that classic look and smell that harkens back to a time of barbershop shaves and impeccable grooming. The iconic green label and dapper gentleman with a cane are symbols of classic style and grooming. For more information, visit

Clubman Pinaud® is a division of American International Industries.

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