October 2015


body drench® Introduces New 10-IN-1 Body Balms

Dry winter air can wreak havoc on skin, hair and nails. Drop a balm of hydration and moisture on these pesky winter woes with new 10-IN-1 Body Balms from body drench®. The 75% pure Shea Butter and Coconut Oil balms are formulated without water so they lavishly melt on contact with skin, hair and nails, sealing in moisture and smoothing rough, itchy skin.

For centuries Shea Butter and Coconut Oil have been praised for the numerous skin and hair treatment benefits, offering unparalleled moisture and conditioning. body drench® 10-IN-1 Body Balms harness these benefits in one unique balm that will soften and smooth every inch of your body from elbows and feet, to lips, cuticles and hair.

In fact, why stop at 10? body drench® 10-IN-1 Body Balms will be available January 2016 at BSG and other beauty supply stores nationwide as individual balms (salon price $6.99) and a 5-piece display (salon price $34.95). body drench® is a bath and body line, including self tanner, lotions and lip balm. Visit the website at Be sure to follow body drench® on Twitter (@BodyDrench) and like on Facebook (