January 2016

“Look Before You Lash” with Ardell’s Virtual Eyelash Suite in YouCam Makeup Beauty App

New York, New York—January 14, 2015— Perfect Corp. and Ardell have announced that they will feature Ardell’s best-selling false lashes in YouCam Makeup. Beauty enthusiasts can now virtually try on a variety of eyelash styles from the world’s top lash brand with the most technologically advanced makeup app on the market: YouCam Makeup. This is the first “try before you buy” offering for lashes in YouCam Makeup, allowing users to explore the app’s virtual showroom and utilize YouCam Makeup’s live Makeup Cam feature—the most superior facial recognition software on the market—to select the style that suits them best and then purchase directly from the app via Ardell’s retail partners.

“Perfect Corp. is excited to partner with the premier lash brand Ardell to deliver the latest products and styles to their discerning customers,” said Alice H. Chang, CEO of Perfect Corp. “YouCam Makeup is the ideal interactive platform for beauty lovers around the world to experiment with a variety of Ardell lash styles and find the perfect pair to achieve their desired makeover look.”

“As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, and we believe that to be very true when it comes to choosing lashes,” says Terri Cooper, EVP at American International Industries. “By partnering with YouCam Makeup, consumers can now virtually ‘try on’ lashes, ensuring they love the look before they buy. Visually, it removes the question of if this lash will look good on them, taking the consumer directly from inspiration to gratification.”

YouCam Makeup’s highly accurate facial detection makes the virtual experience of lash “application” mimic real-life results. This allows customers to truly “try before you buy,” ensuring that they select the ideal style and can effortlessly recreate their new look after purchase. In order to provide customers with the latest selection of lash styles, Ardell will regularly release updated collections of lashes within the app.

Ardell will also keep app users up-to-date with the latest in lashes, beauty tutorials, giveaways and more through their featured profile in Perfect Corp.’s Beauty Circle social network. To introduce the partnership and encourage customers to try out the true-to-life lash experience in YouCam Makeup, Ardell and Perfect Corp. are hosting an online “Look Before You Lash” contest in which users are invited to try out the new lash styles in the app and submit their favorite virtual lash look in Beauty Circle. At the conclusion of this giveaway 250 contest entrants will be awarded an exclusive Glam Pack of Ardell lashes, brow products and more.

App Availability
YouCam Makeup is available for free download on the App Store and Google Play.

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