January 16, 2016


From catwalks to sidewalks around the world, the word on everybody’s tips is nail art. Anything is possible on the tiny canvases of your nails – when you have the right tools. China Glaze®, the leader in colour nail lacquer, introduces your new nail art must-have: Stripe Rite nail art stripers. Take your manicure from mundane to magnificent with these new stripers available in an array of 16 brilliant shades and finishes.

Whether you’re looking to unleash a houndstooth print, replicate a Picasso or support your favorite sports team, China Glaze® Stripe Rite nail art stripers allow for precise details. With a flick of the super-fine tip brush housed in a user-friendly ergonomic cap, a perfect line shoots across the nail or a tribal design gets its pattern. Choose from crèmes, metallics, glitters and neons; with shades covering the rainbow, the nail artistry possibilities are endless!

With China Glaze® Stripe Rite you have the freedom to create customized mini works of art on your fingertips such as this retro glam design:

  1. Apply two coats of China Glaze® Liquid Leather and let it dry completely.
  2. Using the Brushstroke of Luck striper, paint a thin solid line down the center of each nail. Then paint 4 lines on either side of the lines you just painted. These lines should have a small gap near the center of your nail.
  3. Continue to add more lines on either side evenly increasing the distance between the lines at the center of the nail. (Spacing the lines out will create a black triangle on the sides of your nails.)
  4. Next, clean up the black triangles on either side of the nail by painting a sideways “V”.
  5. Finally, using China Glaze® Best in Snow striper, paint two triangles on the sides of each nail.
  6. Finish with China Glaze® Fast Forward Top Coat to protect your design.

Get your stripe on with the China Glaze® Stripe Rite nail art stripers are available at Sally Beauty Supply stores nationwide; MSRP $2.99.